Pam Roller

My name is Pam Roller, and I write historical and contemporary romance novels, and horror short stories with romantic elements.

I grew up in the ’60s watching Dark Shadows and wanting so badly to be either Carolyn or Angelique and to live at Collinwood. During my teenage years, Victoria Holt and Daphne du Maurier caught me up in Gothic romance. The anguished, brooding heroes in these novels grabbed my heart and made me want to soothe their cares away with hugs and chocolate. And the heroines who dwelt in shadowy, dank castles…would they ever learn that one does not go creeping down twisting stairs alone in the middle of the night clutching a candle and wearing only a nightgown?

My stories now center on heroes with scars both hidden and obvious, and the imperfect and interesting heroines whose passion and spunk make the heroes earn their love. Although the happily ever after is always the end result, it’s the getting there–the trials and challenges and circumstances that seem to tear the lovers apart–that makes the happy ending all worthwhile.

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