Contemporary Romance

Shadowing the Boss

Sarah Venable was expected to take over the family farm, but she shed that life to move to the city and shoot to the top of the corporate world. After losing her marketing VP job, she has vowed to stay away from any workplace relationships. When she goes to work for Hamilton-Cole Coffee Company and wins the annual Shadow the Boss stint—basically a two-month vacation at work—she takes it seriously. Only problem is, she finds it difficult to be a passive bystander while CEO Daniel Cole makes million-dollar deals. And she finds herself feeling anything but passive around the man she’s shadowing. But he’ll never know because she won’t make the same mistake again.

Daniel has acquired a practiced lack of emotion toward life and the people in it. Successful and rich, he maintains a structured life and a cool distance in both his work and personal relationships. Lately, a deep-seated yearning has taken hold of him although he can’t fathom what it is. He has everything he could ever want. When Sarah becomes his shadow at the corporate office and spends workdays and most evenings with him, he figures out what he’s been missing. But she’s career-focused and uninterested in having a lover. Besides, she wants the marketing vice president’s position that just came open in the company, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize her chances by having a relationship with her.

It’s not easy to hide attraction, and when passion finally explodes, Sarah and Daniel find that what they thought they wanted out of life has just been turned inside out.

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