Does the power of positive thinking really work?

Most, if not all, of us have these naysayers in our head who show up sometimes, often when things are going well and our guard is down. These killjoys, wet blankets, prophets of doom-—whatever you want to call them-—pop in just to show us the bad things that could happen in our circumstances and give discouraging outlooks on our hopes, dreams, and plans. We try to ignore the bad thoughts, but they grow. Self doubt jabs us with small, soft balls of worry, or slams us repeatedly like concrete blocks. The day starts off badly and goes downhill from there. Sometimes we fight; other times, we give in and just want to curl up in a dark room and succumb to the distress.

There is a solution, and it works. Say what you want to happen, what you expect to happen. Create daily or even hourly (or more, if things are really bad) positive aspirations for yourself. Utter your plans and goals, wishes and desires out loud, whenever you need to. Some call this prayer, some call it meditation. Whatever you consider it to be, intersperse your desires with plenty of thanks for what you have and what you’ve accomplished, even if it doesn’t seem like a great deal. It is. Write down your accomplishments and blessings if it helps.

Just say it. Make it real to yourself by repeating it over and over. Slowly you change your outlook. You will put the inner naysayer to rest. You realize you do have faith in yourself to reach your goals. It’s all in thinking positively.

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