Her Lord and Protector

Excerpt from Her Lord and ProtectorHer Lord and Protector by Pam Roller

His is a heart of iron…

Embittered lord Alexander Fletcher must shelter a penniless mute in his ancestral home, Drayton castle. Although he makes no pretense he resents the intrusion, the woman stirs his heart into an unwelcome gallop. He wants only to be alone and not to love another woman who, like his wife, might grow to hate him so much she will take her own life.

And she is slowly melting it…

Lord Drayton’s detachment only adds to Katherine Seymour’s distress of losing her voice. But after he gives her a searing kiss just before he introduces the husband he’s chosen for her—and whom she promptly refuses—she discovers his horrid secret.

But someone is watching.

Only Agnes Cooke knows how Alex’s insane wife died, and she will not hesitate to kill again in order to be the next Lady Drayton. Watching Alex go out of his way to help Katherine regain her voice, however, is more than she can take. This plan will require more than just laudanum and mercury….

Romancing the Thief

Excerpt from Romancing the ThiefRomancing the Thief by Pam Roller1682: Disowned and desperate, Rachel Downing is coerced into delivering a top-secret English document to the Frenchman who holds her younger sister as collateral. When her speeding carriage overturns en route from London to Dover, she takes advantage of her enigmatic rescuer’s offer to accompany her. She’ll save her sister, receive payment for the document, and claim her family estate before it’s sold.

Royal Elite agent Stephen Fletcher, trained in sustaining England’s security, is hired to catch the thief who stole the map depicting the location of English battleships. Waylaid by the beauty in the carriage accident, he decides to use her to his advantage: concealment of his mission. He’ll find the thief, recover the document, and earn a rich payment—enough to buy the grand estate for sale.

Stephen and Rachel struggle to hide their identities while fulfilling their tasks—a dangerous prospect when they’re also falling in love.


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Lady Carlyn’s Discrete Diversion
When Carlyn, Lady Baston finds herself in a dilemma on her wedding night, she has only two options: watch her marriage be annulled or accept an offer of help by a drunken, unlikable rogue with a scandalous past.

Now wealthy and widowed, Carlyn tries to avoid Lord Steele in case their encounter triggers his memory of what happened that night. No one would believe him anyway…would they? After all, rumor still abounds of his involvement in the disappearance of the first Lady Baston. But as Carlyn delves into her dead husband’s past, she also begins to see rare glimpses of the real man behind Lord Steele’s facade.

Jonathan Steele’s secret position as an agent of the Royal Elite prevents him from enjoying the social privileges that come with being an earl’s son. Unfortunately, that includes maintaining Lady Carlyn’s aversion and distrust. Acting the rogue is easy except when he’s around her, and she doesn’t know he’d never reveal their secret. If only he could tell her the truth about what really happened to the woman he once loved and lost.
Carlyn begins to discover the truth on her own, but a series of dangerous mishaps has her questioning her own sanity. If Jonathan doesn’t gain her trust, she, too, may be silenced for good.

Historical romance